What they’re saying about this book. . .

What they’re saying about this book. . .
Che Guevara on Economics and Politics in the Transition to Socialism

Elier Ramírez
“Until Tablada’s pioneering book, very little had been published of Che’s own works or studies of his ideas. For Che, the goal was never just to create a new society diametrically opposed to capitalism, but to create different human beings. Che placed man at the center, as a conscious actor in history. This book became a must read in Cuba from 1986 on, during what was known as the Rectification Process led by Fidel. Che returned to fight alongside us against deformations that could only lead us back toward capitalism.”
Deputy director, Fidel Castro Center, Havana
From Havana presentation of 2019 Cuban edition

Néstor Kohan
“Che Guevara warned us that along the dead‑end road of the market and its ‘blunt weapons,’ the USSR and Eastern European countries would end up returning to capitalism. How did Che know? We find clues in the explanation of his views in the book Carlos Tablada offers us.”
Author of Ernesto Che Guevara: Another World Is Possible
From Preface to 2004 Argentine edition

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