History of the Grenada Revolution Marks Brooklyn Festival

History of the Grenada Revolution Marks Brooklyn Festival
New York — “I was part of the revolution and it’s important to remember,” a visitor to the Pathfinder Press booth said at this year’s Grenada Day Festival in Brooklyn, August 20, 2023. She was referring to the 1979-83 revolution in Grenada, a small English-speaking Caribbean Island, that brought to power a government of workers and farmers led by Maurice Bishop.

The revolutionary government carried out land reform, organized trade unions and made medical and dental care free. Bishop linked Grenada’s working-class course with Cuba’s socialist revolution. He was assassinated by a Stalinist faction which destroyed the revolution.

Pathfinder’s book New International no. 6 with the article “The Second Assassination of Maurice Bishop” by Steve Clark explains the roots of the coup and the living legacy of the revolution today. Also popular was Maurice Bishop Speaks which contains 27 of his speeches.

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