Spanish language books from Pathfinder Press spark interest

Spanish language books from Pathfinder Press spark interest
CHICAGO — Combatting banning of books and restrictions on the freedom to read was a central theme of the American Library Association conference held here June 22–27, 2023. Over 15,000 librarians, teachers, and others attended presentations ranging from attacks on librarians and their ability to select books; Russia's war against Ukraine and its effects on libraries; access to books by prison inmates; and more.

Volunteers for Pathfinder Press joined the discussion on these questions in the conference workshops and at an attractive Pathfinder booth. A steady stream of conference participants visited the booth looking over the titles in English, Spanish, French, Farsi, and Arabic.

Pathfinder's books in Spanish drew considerable interest, as librarians from every part of the US explained that they were seeking to expand their Spanish collections to meet the needs of a growing population of Spanish-speaking readers.

Librarians responsible for getting books into prisons welcomed Pathfinder's ongoing work in this area.

Among the top-selling titles were Pathfinder's newest book, The Low Point of Labor Resistance is Behind Us; Thomas Sankara's Women's Liberation and the African Freedom Struggle; The Jewish Question: A Marxist Interpretation; and Women in Cuba: The Making of a Revolution Within the Revolution.

Over 100 people signed up to receive more information and visits from local Pathfinder sales volunteers.

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