Thomas Sankara titles bestsellers at the 2022 African Studies Association Conference

Thomas Sankara titles bestsellers at the 2022 African Studies Association Conference
Philadelphia — A constant stream of students, librarians, and professors visited the Pathfinder Press booth over three days, November 17-19.
Along with visiting publishers’ kiosks many participated in dozens of workshops that covered a broad range of topics from women’s reproductive rights and other healthcare issues, migrations, the environment, and the war in Ukraine.

The Pathfinder booth highlighted books on Africa and Cuba. The broad list of titles sold reflected the wide-ranging discussions among participants on the economic and social crisis world-wide and in Africa, and the attacks on US constitutional rights, the roots of women’s oppression, increasing labor resistance, and the example of the Cuban Revolution.

A professor from New York state said she always makes a beeline for the Pathfinder booth, buys the latest titles, and then places them “in the reserve section of the library so her students can read them.”

The bestsellers were all three titles by Thomas Sankara - Thomas Sankara Speaks, Women’s Liberation and the African Freedom Struggle and We Are Heirs of the World's Revolutions. A teacher from North Carolina explained that he uses one of the Sankara books as a course adoption.

Sales of Cuban titles included Cuba and Angola, Red Zone: Cuba and the Battle Against Ebola in West Africa, and Cuba and Angola the War for Freedom. Many bought Pathfinder’s newest book, Labor Nature, and the Evolution of Humanity.

Thirty three signed up for follow-up visits from Pathfinder volunteers to discuss classroom adoptions and library acquisitions.

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